Product features

SGMC product has the characteristics of low failure rate, high production efficiency and long service life. Among them, the marine wireless remote control grab has reached the domestic leading level of 10,000 hours of continuous work without failure, and the electric hydraulic grab has reached the domestic leading level of 10,000 hours of continuous work without failure; the hydraulic system has the advantages of low heat and low failure rate.

     ① The grab pin shaft is equipped with a storage tank, which can be used for a long-term to avoid the blockage of the oil filler.

     ② SGMC can design and develop professional grab according to customers' requirements for special products. Such as Nickel ore grab, Timber grab, dredging  grab, etc.

     ③ The dust removal loading hopper invented and produced by SGMC is the most advanced dust hopper in domestic, which has good dust removal effect and is well received by many customers at home and abroad.

    In addition to producing the above products, SGMC also provides product maintenance and product spare-parts.

    SGMC firmly adheres to the business philosophy of " Based on the principle of honesty is the best policy, focus on the interests of both supplier and demander and take friendly cooperation as the link and development as the goal ", with strong internal quality, external image, technology as the guide, quality as the guarantee, to provide customers with superior products and services. The company sincerely welcome all customer and user from home and abroad to visit, exchange and cooperate, business discussion and co-development.

SGMC PATENT: Dust removal hopper

SGMC has applied advanced dust removal and environmental protection technology on hopper, and applied for "SGMC" product dust removal and environmental protection technology patent

The dust hopper is mainly used for unloading and loading bulk-cargo, and the main dust remover is installed around the upper part of the hopper; The inlet of discharge funnel is equipped with hydraulic or pneumatic switch valve, which can accurately control the flow of materials according to the actual loading efficiency; The lower end of the outlet also has export dust removal equipment. According to different types of products, the outlet dust removal equipment is also different, such as dust suppression funnel and telescopic chute.

     ① The hopper design of SGMC adopts the most advanced design method that the dust remover is embedded in the hopper. Because the dust remover is embedded in the funnel, there are no auxiliary parts such as air duct and auger in the funnel, which improves the dust removal efficiency and reduces the power consumption and failure rate of the equipment, as well as the maintenance of the equipment.

     ② The top of the hopper is equipped with a closed grille, which can prevent the dust from spreading to the upper funnel after the materials fall into the storage hopper. There is enough space from the top to the closed grille to allow the grab to open inside. When running under strong wind, it can avoid the airflow taking away the dust due to the strong wind.

     ③ Four dusters are installed on the top of the hopper, and each one has a separate opening procedure, which can open a corresponding number of dust collectors according to different dust removal effects.

     ④The entire unloading and loading process adopts automatic programming. Manual or automatic operation can be switched in terms of different models. It can automatically increase or decrease with one button, reducing manual operation, and even realizing no manual operation, ensuring that the dust at the loading site meets the test standard.

     ⑤ The structure of the duster is reasonable, which can greatly improve the dust removal effect of the filter-bag. The filter at the suction port of the fan does not need to clean the dust manually, but is automatically cleaned regularly by the equipment, and the dust collecting effect is still good.

     ⑥ SGMC acceptance criteria: the distance from the top to hopper is 4m and side for 5m, and the dust concentration is less than 50mg / m3; the dust concentration is less than 50mg / m3 at the bottom of the vehicle and as far as 2m at the body; the dust concentration is less than 30mg / m3 as far as 2m from the fan outlet.

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